punjab industrial inspection monitoring stystem

Department of Industries & Commerce, Punjab

The Department of Industries & Commerce has introduced Boiler Inspection Monitoring System for boiler inspections. Under this new system, all the communication between the department and the user industry, which was earlier carried out in the conventional system, will henceforth be online. The boiler owner will apply for inspection online alongwith complete details including inspection fee which will be paid by RTGS system. The inspection notice from the department as well as the licence delivery will be online. This new system will have the following facilitating advantages.

  • There will be little time lag in communication between the department & the boiler owner.
  • There will be no postal lapse or loss of documents.
  • The boiler owner will need not visit the office for boiler inspections.
  • The boiler owner will be pre-intimated to apply for mandatory boiler inspection in time.
  • Payment of inspection fee will be prompt.